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World's Sepsis Day

An Update on Sepsis
Sunday, 10th February 2013, New Delhi
09:30-10:00   Registration
Session I
Chairpersons   Dr. Sudha Kansal, Dr. Supradip Ghosh, Dr. Tarun Jhamb
10:00-10:20   Antimicrobial resistance scenario in India
Dr. Purabi Barman
10:20-10:40   Controlling infection in ICU
Dr. Rajesh Pande
10:40-11:00   Tea Break
Session II
Chairpersons   Dr Rajiv Uttam, Dr Prashant Nasa, Dr Anirban Hom Choudhuri
11:00-11:20   Early detection of Sepsis in ICU
Dr. Vikas Maurya
11:20-11:40   Antibiotic stewardship programs –Do they really helpful?
Dr Prashant Nasa
11:40-12:00   New Surviving Sepsis guidelines
Dr. Rajesh Chawla
12:00-12:20   Future Therapeutic frontiers in sepsis management
Dr Rajiv Uttam
12:20-12:40   When to suspect viral infections in Critically ill
Dr Avdhesh Bansal
12:40-02:00   Lunch
Session III
Chairpersons   Dr Vinod Singh, Dr Puneet Khanna, Dr Yash Jhaveri
02:00-02:20   Management of Fungal Sepsis in ICU
Dr Rajesh Pande
02:20-02:40   How I manage Sepsis in my unit
Dr Mrinal Sircar
02:40-03:00   Choosing the right antibiotic in sepsis
Dr Prakash Shastri
03:00-03:15   Tea Break
Session IV
Chairpersons   Dr Anil Gurnani, Dr Vikas Maurya, Dr Abhinav Gupta
03:15-03:35   Adjunctive therapy in Sepsis
Dr Raj K Mani
03:35-03:55   Role of inhaled antibiotics
Dr Shrikanth Srinivasan
Closing Remarks   Dr Rajesh Pande